Let’s Talk Security – Preventative

CrashPlan - One part of a good Preventative Plan
One of our favorite preventative utilities is CrashPlan and the business version CrashPlan Pro.
CrashPlan is a great utility for making sure that your personal data is backed up. It offers several great features for a professional as well as personal professional use.

CrashPlan is designed to maximize your backup solution and help you create a preventative plan that protects you data how you want it. Choose from several ways: online backup, to an external drive, or even to another computer.
Some of the great features are: the encryption used to ensure that your personal data remains yours (a 448bit), the ability to schedule your backups, unlimited storage online (as well as the option to chose your backup destination), and that it keeps multiple versions of your data so that you can recover from unwanted changes to your data. This is a great preventative protection against the newest computer threat called ransomware – a virus type that encrypts all of your personal data and demands that you pay them (at minimum) hundreds of dollars!

To understand how dangerous it is: encryption used in this virus is strong enough that with current technology it would take a government agency to recover your data. And sometimes not even that! Just read the news about one poor police station and this type of virus.

Remember that what makes a computer is not the device itself, but the data that you keep on it or the programs you run. Anyone can buy a new computer, but you can never go to the store for old family photos, or precious memories. And while you’re protecting your data, it’s important to make sure no one can take your data or use it against you.

Dallas Computer Consulting would love to assist you in a preventative plan to make sure that your data remains safe.

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