Dallas Computer Repair

For the last 15 years Paul Weber, Owner of Dallas Computer Consulting, has been helping individuals with their computer repair needs.

He started with volunteer work with the elderly, helping them understand the technology that was slowly gaining momentum and later moved to assisting neighbors and families of the neighborhood with their computer repairs.

He expanded his skills at a technology firm that designed and built servers for companies around the world. He was responsible for building, integrating and providing quality assurance for dozens of servers a day.

Eventually Paul put those troubleshooting skills beyond the build and integration phase to the RMA department, diagnosing and repairing large corporate servers when phone support could not figure out the problem.

In 2011 Paul was asked by a small business to join their ranks as the business needed additional support. For the next two years he used his skills in the small business helping individuals with their computer repair needs, taking the experience and skills from the corporate world to quickly solve their issues.

The corporate environment instilled the belief of “Be the Best” and the small business taught him how to appreciate the needs of the individuals. It built a belief in Paul, to help individuals and small businesses and from that Dallas Computer Consulting was born.

Beginning in November 2013, Dallas Computer Consulting began offering the experience and understanding to help people with their computer repair needs while treating people as they should be treated.