Dallas Computer Consulting Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

Dependable, reasonable pricing, knowledgeable

Paul is quick to respond and patient

I will recommend his service to my frjiends.

We Clean & Repair ALL Window Treatments & Stage Curtains ON-SITE, where they hang

Paul Weber is the most knowledgeable, intelligent, and talented IT person with whom we have worked. I've worked with computers and IT people since 1969.

Always on time and ready to get your system back up and running, and better if possible.

Thank you Dallas Computer Consulting!

Thank you Paul for great service and great prices. We will recommend your service to our friends.

Alan and Carol Murray

Great & really fast service.

Paul took the time to explain what he was doing and why. It was it terms I could understand. Very impressed!

Great Service!!

Paul-Owner of Dallas Computer Consulting, has been extremely helpful with all my computer and now printer issues. He is on time, explains things so someone like me (technically challenged) can understand what is going on. Good prices, the fact that he makes house calls is wonderful. I highly recommend Paul to everyone!!

Katherine L Clausen
Your Empowered Solutions

Got the job done!

Paul seems to know his way around a PC. He took care of my issue in short order and his fee seemed reasonable. Great customer service with a smile and good conversation.

Fast Honest Helpful

I run a tiny freelance illustrator business that requires my computer to contact clients. When it suddenly stopped working, I panicked. A few of the big stores kept trying to push getting a whole new computer, but a short call to Dallas Computer Consulting and a fast response from Mr. Weber suggested trying a new power supply. My problem went from costing a few thousand dollars to $75. I -KNOW- where I'm getting my next rig! Thanks Dallas Computer Consulting 😀

Michael Rambo-Losik

C-squared Internet Solutions Testimonial

Dallas Computer Consulting was on-time and provided great service for C-squared Internet solutions.  Dallas Computer Consulting removed the virus that was causing my computer to run slow. Dallas Computer Consulting is going to get all my computer repair business in the future.