The Computer Disaster Recovery Plan – Part 4

It’s inevitable. Eventually your computer will die. There are 5 Big Computer Disasters that will kill your computer. So let’s discuss how we can minimize this with a Computer Disaster Recovery Plan. Fourth disaster:


How do you plan for theft? Simple: you plan for what to do after it’s gone. And that’s the real point of this disaster – everything is GONE. In previous parts of The Computer Disaster Recovery Plan we discussed how to minimize the loss, in Part 4 we’re going to discuss how you can also protect yourself.

Thief in the night

1) Encryption

The last thing you want is someone going through your personal documents, family photos, or business records. There are various different types of encryption but they’re all key to you sleeping well after your computer has been stolen.

2) Encryption on your back up

Online back up solutions come with encryption on your data, but the external hard drive is often just an open box you back your stuff up in. Adding this layer of encryption means that if your laptop is stolen, and the external hard drive you back you computer up is in the same bag, or on the desk with your computer, you don’t have to worry about it being accessed. Also another reason to have an alternative external drive and online back up solution

3) Password protection

The online back up solution is only as good as your password. Dallas Computer Consulting highly recommends password managers such as LastPass or KeePass or even RoboForm.

Remember though, these are still only the basics of a Computer Disaster Recovery Plan and are designed to point you in the right direction.

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