The Computer Disaster Recovery Plan – Part 2

It’s inevitable. Eventually your computer will die. There are 5 Big Computer Disasters that will kill your computer. So let’s discuss how we can minimize this with a Computer Disaster Recovery Plan. Second disaster:


In terms of size and scale, if your home is flooding to a massive extent, the computer is done. It’s water damaged and ruined. But let’s discuss minimizing loss and how some “floods” are merely about inches, not feet. What if your water heater leaks or a pipe breaks? Well if your computer is less than 6 inches off the floor it will be susceptible to water damage.

Dallas Computer Consulting has had numerous dealings with computers that had suffered water damage, but were still able to power on. While the effects were varied and subtle, in a short time frame, all those computers were rendered inoperable because of Water Damage. Continuing from Part 1 Dallas Computer Consulting wants you to build a strong Computer Disaster Recovery Plan to minimize your loss and help recover.

1) Speak with an insurance agent about renter’s insurance or home owner’s. Making sure you have enough insurance means replacing a computer – and not for the value your old one depreciated to, but something comparable.

We never know when a sudden flood could occur, the best thing to do is get things insured simply because you have a lot of things that could go wrong. In Texas flash floods happen in the blink of an eye as easily as a burst pipe in the winter.

2) If your software isn’t in a fire proof safe from Computer Disaster Recovery Plan – Part 1, the least you can do is move it to a clear plastic bin. Something with a locking lit so that the water stays out of it.

A fire proof and water proof safe would be ideal, but sometimes out of people’s budget. At least with a clear plastic bin you can minimize the water damage that can occur and be able to find some software at a glance.

3) Raise the computer system a minimum 6 inches off of the ground

It won’t help if there’s a major flood, but the solution just might save your computer in a minor water leak such as a broken pipe or improper drainage. And as seen in the photo, a great solution to the roaming balls of pet hair that all pet owners know simply materialize overnight.

4) Online Back up Solutions

Carbonite is an inexpensive solution when saving family memories or company files.  A Computer Disaster Recovery Plan is nothing without an online back up.

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