The Computer Disaster Recovery Plan – Part 1

It’s inevitable. Eventually your computer will die. There are 5 Big Computer Disasters that will kill your computer. So let’s discuss how we can minimize this with a Computer Disaster Recovery Plan. First disaster:


It’s the worst possible thing to happen, and it will destroy everything in it’s path. And there’s no way to salvage something that has been in a truly devastating fire. But there are things you can do to minimize the loss and maximize your recovery. Dallas Computer Consulting recommends that you do the following as part of a computer disaster recovery plan to minimize your loss.

1) Speak with an insurance agent about renter’s insurance or home owner’s. Making sure you have enough insurance means replacing a computer – and not for the value your old one depreciated to, but something comparable.

We never know when a fire could occur, the best thing to do is get things insured simply because you have a lot of things that could go wrong. In Texas it’s especially dangerous because a lightning strike to a roof can set a home on fire!

2) Move your software to a fire proof safe or to a safety deposit box. Don’t forget to make sure you have the activation codes.

This is the most expensive thing you can lose – Microsoft Office Home and Student is $149! And that’s just the basic. This also helps because you will always know where your computer software is located. But leave a little space in there for Number 3

3) External Hard Drives

I know what you’re thinking, those get burned up just like a computer. And you’re right. But the difference is, they’re small enough to keep in a fire proof safe (some of them). This part of the Computer Disaster Recovery Plan is about frequency. Having two external hard drives means that you can alternate drives and always have one in a fire proof safe. If you do a weekly back up and store it in the fire proof safe, you’ll have a computer recovery solution of what’s really important – your data. Those photos, videos, and documents of your life that you can’t imagine losing!

4) Use an online back up solution like Carbonite

You’ve heard the phrase “Not all your eggs in one basket”, that’s what the online back up is for: those times when you forget and leave the external hard drive connected, or worse yet – if the fire starts while it was out and backing up. This part of the Computer Disaster Recovery is about expanded coverage. The idea that airbags are great in combination with seat belts. The plus side to online back up is how it will almost always be the most current back up. The downside is when you have to recover your data and it seems to take forever.

Remember, these are just basics for dealing with the first computer disaster

Check out the next disaster in Part 2

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