Computer Maintenance

Tips and Tricks

At Dallas Computer Consulting we believe Computer maintenance is essential to keeping your computer safe. When it comes to computers, the device itself is just a medium to people’s lives. This is why so many companies are moving to a cloud model and why the Windows 8 Operating System is focused on being online.

But for many, the idea of trusting all of their data to one organization or just to the cloud is just not in their best interests. So let’s talk about how it can be and what can be done to make it their best interests.

Free Computer back up tips
Online and Offine

The most important part  of computer maintenance is backing up your computers data. The biggest draw for people to use a back up is the control of something on site. Dallas Computer Consulting believes that the solution is not an “or” but an “and”. Cloud based back ups, such as Carbonite, offer great options, such as:

  • Multiple version back ups
  • Access from anywhere in the world
  • Fire / Flood / Theft Proof solutions
  • Encryption

Off site solutions mean that the data can’t be stolen, or destroyed, and it’s locked down to prevent unauthorized access.

However the drawbacks are why an on site back up would compliment an off site back up. On site back ups offer the speed of recovery. Current internet connection speeds do not offer the speed to download massive files in a reasonable amount of time, and an external hard drive provides additional security by ensuring the data is physically available and not at risk of someone hacking an account.

So consider the dual based solution of on and off site back ups.

Free computer maintenance tools
Maintenance Programs

Let’s talk about basic computer maintenance and free software.

CCleaner – Clean up those temporary files that just eat up space. Also works with Apple!

Auslogic’s Disk Defrag – For a lot of computers, installation isn’t a tidy process. Defrag means putting the most used programs first and speeding up your system.

Picsa – Free Photo Managing and Editing Software

OnyX – For Apple users, make sure it matches your OS, but it’s a great utility.

Auslogic’s Duplicate File Finder – Check for duplicate files on your system, like accidentally copying photos to another folder.