Dallas Computer Consulting

Technology today can be overwhelming and in some cases terrifying. At Dallas Computer Consulting we can bring clarity to the chaos and confusion. Dallas Computer Consulting will eliminate the anxiety of trying to follow instructions from a representative over the phone – who might as well be speaking in another language – by being there for our clients. Dallas Computer Consulting is more than technical support, it’s about doing what’s right for our clients. We believe in listening to our client’s needs and finding the solution that is right for them.

Internal and external forces will affect a great number of aspects of your life, from hardware failures to viruses – you’re not alone. We’re here to help.

Contact Dallas Computer Consulting today if you are interested in a consult on upgrading or migrating your computer. Or call (214) 308-1337 if you think you may have a virus, or some type of malware. The sooner an infection is stopped, the better.

What Dallas Computer Consulting Does

Dallas Computer Consulting is about “Taking the Trouble out of Troubleshooting”.

On site computer repair support is the preferred option at Dallas Computer Consulting, this allows for a fast and accurate diagnostics, including quick hardware checks and accurate assessments of software and internet connections.

We’re able to handle hardware issues such as bad power supplies, bad memory, new video cards, and replacement hard drives. We can also remove viruses, spyware, or the latest ransomware from a computer. We can also set up networks, wired and wireless – and diagnose any issue that may arise in them. We will get printers set up or working right when they go wrong.

Virus Removal
Computer Lockup
Hard Drive Data Recovery